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Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL


Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL was born in İstanbul in 1958. He graduated from Naval High School in 1976 and from Turkish Naval Academy in 1980.

After having served onboard destroyers as branch officer and division officer, he commanded various patrol boats and fast patrol boats, and assigned as the Commodore of the Second Fast Patrol Boat Division from 2003 to 2005.

Admiral ÖZBAL graduated from Naval War College in 1989 and from Turkish Armed Forces College in 1995. Furthermore in 1995, he got his bachelor’s degree on Economics at Anatolian University.

As for the HQ posts; Admiral ÖZBAL has served, as The Commander of Fast Patrol Boat Group, Chief of Intelligence at Turkish General Staff and as staff officer and key leadership positions at STRIKEFORCE SOUTH in Naples. He served as head of branch at Turkish Naval Forces Comma...



Lojistik Destek Gemisi Projesi

The first of the two Logistics Support Vessels built within the scope of the needs of the Naval Forces Command is YZB. GUNGOR DURMUS (A-574) was launched on 08 October 2016 and the second ship USTEGMEN ARIF EKMEKCI (A-575) was launched on 08 July 2017 with a ceremony.

Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP), Rescue and Towing Ships Projects

The project for the procurement of the Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) was started on 10 June 2005 in order to have the ability to rescue above and under water under heavy conditions. The ship named TCG ALEMDAR joined the Turkish Naval Forces on 28 January 2017.
With its national and NATO deep water rescue vehicles, TCG ALEMDAR provides life support for personnel in damaged submarines, provides rescue of personnel from submarines up to 600 meters deep, and can perform rescue missions for surface ships, as well as underwater wreck removal works.
Thanks to this project, interoperability with NATO elements has been ensured and an effective submarine rescue capability has been gained.
Rescue and Towing Ships are capable of offshore towing, supporting submarine rescue operations, rescuing / backing up wounded / stranded / malfunctioning ships, towing shooting targets for surface firings, and responding to ship fires.

Also; TCG IŞIN (A-583) was put into service on July 22, 2017 and TCG AKIN (A-584) on December 29, 2017 to perform rescue and backup tasks.

Replenishment at Sea Support Ship Project (DIMDEG)

The Naval Replenishment Combat Support Ship (DIMDEG) project, which is planned to be procured to support national and international task forces in operations to be carried out in world seas, has been initiated.
DIMDEG's main function is combat service support within the scope of Administrative and Logistics activities. It will also contribute to the Peace Support and Natural Disaster Relief Operation with the Amphibious Operation and Material Transport mission function.
The design of DIMDEG was completed by the Naval Forces Command. The ship is planned to be put into service in 2023.