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Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL


Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL was born in İstanbul in 1958. He graduated from Naval High School in 1976 and from Turkish Naval Academy in 1980.

After having served onboard destroyers as branch officer and division officer, he commanded various patrol boats and fast patrol boats, and assigned as the Commodore of the Second Fast Patrol Boat Division from 2003 to 2005.

Admiral ÖZBAL graduated from Naval War College in 1989 and from Turkish Armed Forces College in 1995. Furthermore in 1995, he got his bachelor’s degree on Economics at Anatolian University.

As for the HQ posts; Admiral ÖZBAL has served, as The Commander of Fast Patrol Boat Group, Chief of Intelligence at Turkish General Staff and as staff officer and key leadership positions at STRIKEFORCE SOUTH in Naples. He served as head of branch at Turkish Naval Forces Comma...



ADA Class Corvette Project (MİLGEM)

In the MİLGEM (National Ship) project, the design and construction of a national ship with a maximum domestic contribution is envisaged. With the ADA class corvette project, which is the first ship built with the MİLGEM concept; It is envisaged that the corvettes, which are located between the frigate and the patrol ship with their current capabilities, will improve their capabilities in the coastal-based warfare domain. With the deployment of helicopters on ships, submarine defense capabilities have been increased, and effective surface warfare capability has been gained with the integration of guided missiles and guns. The ship is capable of high speed with its efficient and flexible power transmission system. The first of the ADA class ships, put into service gradually, TCG HEYBELİADA (F-511) 27 September 2011, second ship TCG BÜYÜKADA (F-512) 27 September 2013, third ship TCG BURGAZADA (F -513) It went into service on 04 November 2018, fourth ship TCG KINALIADA (F-514) 29 September 2019.
For the first time in the project, all design, integration and analysis stages including the locally developed combat management system (GENESİS) integration of a warship are carried out completely nationally. Turkish Naval Forces, by maintaining a suitable platform, put all the scattered means such as experience, many domestic industry associations, universities and scientific institutions in good order.
ADA Class Corvettes are a turning point in Turkish maritime history as well as in the national defense industry.

TCG HEYBELİADA (F-511) 's HARPOON Guided Missile Firing. The accumulation of knowledge and experience gained with the ADA Class Corvette Project is further strengthened in the upcoming periods with the evaluation of the results, and in the framework of the needs of our Naval Forces, it has enlightened our way for the development of surface and underwater platforms with advanced warfare weapons and system configurations.

İSTİF ”Class Frigate Project

In the "I" (ISTIF) class frigate project, which continues its activities as a continuation of the MİLGEM concept, it was decided that the ADA Class Corvettes were extended in length, additional weapon systems were installed, and the design and construction of the first ship, which was an improved version, will be carried out by the Istanbul Shipyard Command. "I" class frigate design activities are being continued by the Naval Forces Command, and the construction start-up ceremony was held on 03 July 2017. The first of "İSTİF" Class frigates, which are under construction in Istanbul Shipyard Command, is expected to be put into service by 2023.
The value of a warship platform is determined by the value and efficiency of the personnel who command it.

TF-2000 Air Defense Destroyer Project

With the experience gained from MILGEM and I-Class Frigate projects and thanks to the TF-2000 Air Defense War Destroyer Project, Naval Forces will effectively perform the regional air defense warfare. With this project, it is aimed to take our capabilities in other warfare categories, primarily air defense warfare, to the next level by using national resources. Thanks to its advanced command / control, communications, sensors and weapons, it is envisaged to add depth to the defense of the homeland, starting from the vital and active areas of our country, and to contribute to the survival of the task groups at sea.
A great effort has been made to produce the Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar (CAFRAD), which is the most important sensor of the destroyers intended for Air Defense Combat, domestically, and as a result, the participation of the national industry in the project has been achieved. CAFRAD will be able to detect large amounts of air and surface targets from long distances and ensure that the weapons envisaged by the layered air defense architecture that the ship will form can be used from the maximum range when necessary. Studies are continuing to determine the weapons to be used in the air defense layers to be formed within the regional air defense architecture. The TF-2000 destroyer will have a nationally developed GENESIS (Ship Integrated Combat Management System) combat management system.

Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) Project

In order to meet the increasing operational needs of the Turkish Naval Forces, the procurement procedure of OPV class ships has been initiated.The ships which are the successors of MILGEM Class corvetts, have been redesigned in line with the requirements. Within the scope of the Project, it has already been signed a construction contract on November 2020, for two ships. They will be manufactured in Turkish Shipyards, and planned to be in service by 2024.

Frigate Modernization Projects

It is planned to provide new possibilities and capabilities to the frigates in the inventory with the modernization and to extend the life of these reliable platforms.
In this context;
All G-Class frigates are equipped with the GENESIS integrated command control system.
Integration of advanced guided missile and radar to BARBAROS Class and G-Class frigates has been completed.
Subsequently, a comprehensive modernization program including Combat Management System, Gun Fire Control System, close air defense systems and Combat Operations Centers will be implemented in Barbaros class frigates.

Ship’s Integrated Combat Management System (GENESİS) Project

It has emerged as a necessity to design and develop a modern combat management system using national resources to meet the operational needs of the Turkish Naval Forces. In 1999, the Turkish Naval Forces launched an advanced combat management system production project in line with operational needs, and the project was named GENESİS-Ship Integrated Combat Management System. All software and hardware of the GENESIS Combat System were designed by the Naval Forces Research Center Command and patented on behalf of the Naval Forces Command. The developed system has been transferred to the national industry. With Automatic Target Detection and Tracking System, Integrated Automatic Radar Detection, Tracking and Data Integration System capability has been acquired for all existing reconnaissance and surveillance radars. At the same time, Threat Assessment and Weapon Engagement capability has been gained against all air threats. This function can be used for all air defense weapons. As the first implementation of the project, G-Class Frigates were selected and the project was completed.