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Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL


Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL was born in İstanbul in 1958. He graduated from Naval High School in 1976 and from Turkish Naval Academy in 1980.

After having served onboard destroyers as branch officer and division officer, he commanded various patrol boats and fast patrol boats, and assigned as the Commodore of the Second Fast Patrol Boat Division from 2003 to 2005.

Admiral ÖZBAL graduated from Naval War College in 1989 and from Turkish Armed Forces College in 1995. Furthermore in 1995, he got his bachelor’s degree on Economics at Anatolian University.

As for the HQ posts; Admiral ÖZBAL has served, as The Commander of Fast Patrol Boat Group, Chief of Intelligence at Turkish General Staff and as staff officer and key leadership positions at STRIKEFORCE SOUTH in Naples. He served as head of branch at Turkish Naval Forces Comma...



Approaching the establishment of the 100th year anniversary of Republic of Turkey, it is exposed to global and multi-dimensional and multi-layered security challanges occurring at the regional level. Our country, which is in a very critical position geopolitically, in order to establish its survival on strong foundations, and to fulfill its national interests with determination at all times and to avoid any faults in the surrounding seas of the maritime domain of security; it must have a strong, determined and ready Naval Force. Being aware of these sensitivities, our Naval Forces Command is ready for all kinds of duties in the complex security environment of the 21st century in a way to protect its country and national interests from the high seas. In that perspective, the presence of our Navy is of vital importance for the security and prosperity of the Republic of Turkey. Thus;
- It is seen as a high probability that threats to our security and interests may come primarily from the surrounding seas,
- Considering our country's increasing energy need and foreign dependency in energy geopolitics, seas stand out in terms of energy supply and distribution,
-Our foreign trade is mostly carried out by maritime transportation,
- As our economy develops, our foreign investments increase and the need to protect our interests in overseas increases,
-Our maritime jurisdictions contain rich natural resources that our state and future generations have a fixed and registered right under international law.
Being aware of these sensitivities, our Navy is strong, ready, faithful and self-confident. We steadfastly observe and defend our rights and interests towards the Blue Homeland.
For this reason, it is an indispensable need, even a necessity, to have a fleet of quality, quantity and capable that can effectively fulfill the task of our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, from distant seas to our mainland, and to protect our rights and interests in national and international seas. As a result, it is a national goal and priority to have ships, weapons and systems that are products of national and domestic technology for a strong and sustainable navy. It is of vital importance to meet the needs of our Naval Forces in a safe, cost-effective and stable manner, to produce high-tech war weapons and vehicles domestically, to establish production facilities by maintaining the necessary technological infrastructure, and to encourage and support the national defense industry.
The Turkish Naval Forces has always been the pioneer of having domestic and national systems. It has been an example to other relevant institutions and organizations of our state, especially in areas such as national warship design and command control systems. Turkey build her own warships and its systems and devices with its own resources and trained manpower, build up knowledge and technology accumulation and develop these gains day by day.
In line with this goal, our Naval Forces provided prototypes of relevant platforms to be built in military shipyards and specialized systems such as combat management systems were produced in military research centers, and subsequently these skills were transferred to the national defense industry.
The best example of this is TCG KINALIADA, TCG HEYBELİADA, TCG BÜYÜKADA and TCG BURGAZADA corvettes, which are our first domestic and national ships (National Ship-MİLGEM). As a continuation of the MİLGEMs, in the upcoming period, the construction of the frigates, the first of which will be named TCG ISTANBUL, has begun with national means. It is been recently provided significant progress that Turkey's largest military surface ship warfare TF-2000, air defense destroyer project in on the way by domestic and national means.
In addition, the Ship Integrated Combat Management System (GENESIS), which was developed and produced with completely local means and started to be used as a command control and combat management system in almost all our ships, has been successfully implemented and has proven itself.
Operational needs that may arise in our Blue Homeland and the high seas we operate in; It dictates the acquisition of modern platforms, systems and devices that can perform surface warfare, submarine warfare, counter submarine warfare, air defense warfare, electronic warfare, strategic attack on land targets, reconnaissance, surveillance, command-control, communications and intelligence mission functions.
For this reason, the modernization projects of our Naval Forces are prepared in a way to constitute a resource-balanced force structure that will allow the operational needs to be met today and in the future.