Turkish Naval Forces 



Naval ships and naval  air assets conducted a series of large-scale exercises between 9- 13 January 2017. Exercises included War Fleet Command’s Tactical Exercises in the north of Aegean and east of Mediterranean, which were named after  Naval Martyrs Lieutenant Fethi YAŞAR and Petty Officer Can Tayfur TAYANÇ. Lieutenant Fethi YAŞAR and Petty Officer Can Tayfur TAYANÇ  died a martyr, the former during Counter-Terrorism Operation in the east of Turkey on 9 February 2016 and the latter on duty onboard frigate TCG GÖKOVA on 24 February 2015. A wide range of Turkish Navy’s 38 ships, 3 maritime patrol aircraft and 11 helicopters participated in the exercises. Functional training aimed at simulating real time air threats included successsful firings, which was targeted at high speed drones/unmanned aerial vehicles under poor sea conditions. Drones were destroyed while flying and surface target was sunk. Torpedo firings were also executed by frigates and helicopters. Exercises that were conducted synchronously at two seas contributed to test maritime operational capability and increase combat readiness. Turkish Naval Forces also participated in major maritime security operations including Operation Black Sea Harmony in the Black Sea and Operation Mediterranean Shield in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to naval operations, it provided support against irregular migration.            

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