Turkish Naval Forces 



TCG GELİBOLU participated in CUTLASS EXPRESS-17, one of African regional Express series exercises sponsored by U.S. Africa Command. This year, it was scheduled to conduct between 29 January and 8 February. Participating nations, along with Turkey, included the US, Djibouti, France, Holland, Canada, Kenya, Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles and Uganda. During the in-port phase of CUTLASS EXPRESS-17, officers and crew of TCG GELİBOLU interact in local authorities, receptions and meetings in Djibouti along with port visit. TCG GELİBOLU hosted officers, petty officers and sailors from Djibouti, Mozambique and Uganda onboard. TCG GELİBOLU was deployed to the region with a SH-70 helicopter embarked. During at-sea phase, a series of scenarios were executed  including illegal fishing at sea and drug trafficking  and other maritime threats to assess and improve ships capacity of spotting and encountering suspicious vessels. It highly contributed to interoperability and collaboration among the partners. Turkish Navy’s port visit to Djibouti also contributed to strengthen bilateral relations. Following the exercise, TCG GELİBOLU set sail to Pakistan to participate in AMAN-17.          

Number of Visitors :1825
Updated : 06-03-2017