Turkish Naval Forces 



Hosted by fellow country Pakistan, Exercise AMAN-17 was conducted in Karachi, Pakistan beginning from February 10th till February 14th. Turkish navy assets, other than staff of Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence, included frigate TCG GELİBOLU, Special Operations Team (SAS and SAT Commandoes) and a SH-70 helicopter. This edition of the exercise welcomed a host of nations from Australia, PRC, Indonesia, UK, Japan, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka along with Turkey. The exercise aims at strengthening collective efforts of knowledge sharing and interoperability among navies, especially for maritime security, counter-terrorism and humanitarian aid operations. During the in-port phase, TCG GELİBOLU hosted a number of senior military and government officials including Turkish Consulate General in Karachi and Chief of Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy. Mutual office calls continued with a series of military training as well as promoting  cultural  events. The at-sea phase allows for training related to maritime warfare and combat asymmetric threats. TCG GELİBOLU departed  brother country Pakistan as the Exercise AMAN-17 drew to an end.

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