Turkish Naval Forces 



TCG NUSRET hosted a number of senior government and military officials on 8 March to commemorate old "Nusret". Guests toured Erenköy Bay, which played a historical role in defence of the Gelibolu Peninsula against the Allied Fleet during Çanakkale Naval Battle. TCG NUSRET then followed the route where legendary Nusret mine- laying ship had laid mines in the Erenköy Bay 102 years before, laying wreath and greeting martyrs who had fallen during Çanakkale Naval Battle. As part of commemoration ceremony, an exhibition opened in Çanakkale Naval Museum in memory of "naval martyrs of Gelibolu Campaign". Naval Martyr Lieutenant JG Hasan Hulusi was also honored during the exhibition, flashing his personal belongings along with displaying the general portrait of Çanakkale Naval Battle, the then news as well as photos of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  

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Updated : 01-04-2017