Turkish Naval Forces 



The 3rd Focus Operation is going on with participation of Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Greece as part of NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian in Eastern Mediterranean. The operation is scheduled to conduct between 14-30 April 2017. Participating ships include ITS EURO, NRP BARTOLOMEU DIAS, TCG GEMLİK, TCG ÇANAKKALE and HS SALAMIS, which arrived at port of Aksaz on 13 and 14 April.

Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Chief of Operations RADM Jens NEMEYER, MARCOM staff as well as representatives of participating units convened a preparatory meeting for the establishment of coordination at  Headquarters, Southern Task Group Command on 14 April.

Bimonthly conducted focus operations aim at supporting “Situational Awareness at Sea”, “Raising Capacity” and “Maintaining Deterrence”.       

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