Turkish Naval Forces 



In an effort to practice and improve the uninterrupted conduct of long distance operational tasks directed by operations centers in Turkey, Turkish Naval and Air Forces conducted High Seas Exercises on 11 June 2020. The exercise was jointly planned and successfully concluded.

The participating assets included 17 aircraft under the operational command of Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) of Combatant Air Forces Command based in Eskişehir and 8 frigates and corvettes under the operational control of Naval Forces Command and tactical command of the Northern Task Group Command.

Prior to the exercise, participating naval units deployed to various parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

During the 8-hour mission extending nearly 1050 NM (2000 km) away from Turkish territorial waters, command and control procedures were practiced, exercises that included in-flight refueling, joint naval-air operations were conducted and the maritime and air picture was built and shared.

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