Turkish Naval Forces 

Combined Task Force (CTF-151)

  Due to the crisis situation in Somalia, piracy and armed robbery activities have considerably increased in the Gulf of Aden which Turkish Commercial Vessels use frequently. Given the importance of the situation United Nations Security Council (UNSC) focused on this issue and consequently five resolutions 1816, 1838, 1844, 1846 and 1851 were adopted to cope with this problem. Based on these UNSC resolutions and having the legal basis Combined Naval Task Force 151 (TF 151) has been established to conduct counter piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden and in the waters off the coast of Somalia and took over the responsibility of operation since 13 January 2009.

  Up to now, Turkish Navy has contributed to Combined Task Force 151 (CTF 151) with frigates. On the other hand, Turkey joins the efforts of repressing acts of piracy and armed robbery at sea in NATO’s Naval Task Force SNMG-2 by a frigate which provides escort and protection to ships sailing in the region.

  Turkish Navy’s contribution to counter piracy operations will continue under command of CTF 151. Ships will be supported by embarked helicopters and Turkish Navy’s Amphibious Assault Team stationed onboard.

  The command of Combined Task Force - 151 (CTF-151), operating in the interest of counter-piracy in the Gulf of Aden, Somalia, Arabian Sea as well as adjacent areas under the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), based at Manama/Bahrain. The command of CTF 151 was assumed by the Turkish Naval Forces between 03 May-13 August 2009, 01 September-01 December 2010, 19 September-13 December 2012 and 27 August-21 December 2015.

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