Turkish Naval Forces 

Operation Black Sea Harmony (OBSH)

  Considering security in the Black Sea, Turkish Naval Forces has commenced Operation Black Sea Harmony since 1 March 2004.

  The operation has been supported by a task group consisted of frigates, corvettes, Turkish Type Patrol Boats, fast attack boats and submarines. Additionally, it was backed by helicopters, maritime patrol aircrafts and coast guard boats.

  Operation Black Sea Harmony Center for Permanent Coordination was established in Karadeniz Ereğli on 10 October 2005 in order to set up information interchange as well as coordination among other nations components attending Operation Black Sea Harmony.

  Recognized maritime picture attained by Operation Black Sea Harmony has been shared by NATO authorities and headquarters.

  Seeing that the operation has made a positive contribution to the milieu of security and stability in the Black Sea, Turkey initiated attempts to make the operation multinational and invited all littoral states in the Black Sea to participate in the operation. This initiative has been continuing together with military-technical efforts in coordination with Turkish Naval Forces Command.

  3 Black Sea countries including Russian Federation, Ukraine and Romania have officially responded to the invitation made by Turkey. Following the exchange of letters between commanders of Turkey and Russian Federation, Russian Federation was officially included in this operation with the exhange of notes between ministries of foreign affairs on 27 December 2006.

  As for Ukraine, there was signed a protocol over its participation in Operation Black Sea Harmony in Ankara on 17 January 2007. Ukraine participates Operation Black Sea Harmony via exchange of information. The process of signing some technical protocols are still going on.

  Romania has signed Memorandum of Understanding about its participation in Operation Black Sea Harmony and officially included on 6 December 2010. The exchange of information between OBSH Permanent Coordination Center and OBSH Coordination Center in Romania has commenced since June 2014.

  Georgia requested detailed information about participating Operation Black Sea Harmony on 8 March 2013.

  Bulgaria declared to conduct scrutiny about exhange of AIS informations independent from Operation Black Sea Harmony on January 2015.

  Various publications have confirmed that Operation Black Sea Harmony has much contributed to the security of the ports as well as sea lines of communication, which has also strengthened regional and global economy.

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