Turkish Naval Forces 

Operation Ocean Shield

In October 2008, at request of the United Nations, SNMG2 was deployed off the Somali coast to conduct Operation ALLIED PROVIDER, to deter, defend and protect World Food Program (WFP) vessels against the threat of piracy and armed robbery. Until 12 December 2008, SNMG-2 provided close protection to WFP chartered ships. Turkish Navy supported Operation ALLIED PROVIDER with a frigate assigned to SNMG-2.

In June 2009, after a decision by the NATO Defence Ministers to resume anti-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa and in the Gulf of Aden, SNMG2 was tasked to deploy to the operational area to conduct Operation OCEAN SHIELD. Participation of NATO standing forces in this counter piracy operation continues on a rotational basis for six-month periods.

Turkish Navy steadily supports Operation Ocean Shield with one frigate assigned to SNMG-2 and staff officers on board flagships. During the periods that SNMG-2 is not deployed to the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Aden, Turkish Navy’s contribution to the counter piracy efforts in the region continues with the assignment of one frigate under CTF 151 command.

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