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  DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 is a Multi-national Invitation Exercise (INVITEX) being planned, carried out, and hosted by Turkish Naval Forces, the 19th of which is being performed between the 18th of October and the 6th of November 2015. The distinction of the exercise DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 with regard to the previous ones is that it has been conducted throughout the whole Mediterranean and linked with the EXERCISE TRIDENT JUNCTURE-2015, which is one of the largest exercises conducted by NATO over the last twenty years, with the involvement of approximately 36,000 personnel from more than 30 NATO Allies and Partner Nations. The Turkish Naval Forces Command assigned 25 assets for DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015, comprising surface ships, submarines, aircraft, and 2500 personnel from participating units and headquarters staff in total.

  The phases of the Exercise DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 planned in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Seas have been executed with the participation of US naval units since the 27 th of October and will continue until the 6 th of November.


  The aims of the EXERCISE DOGU AKDENIZ-2015 are:

    -  To provide diversified training opportunities for participating surface, subsurface, and air assets,

    - To help the participant staff improve their skills in planning and execution,

    - To exercise interoperability between allied navies and enhance cooperation.



   The participating units in DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 INVITEX are listed below: 

  1.   Turkish Navy:







Fast Patrol Boat




Auxiliary Ship


Maritime Patrol Aircraft




Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence

Quick Analysis Team

VLF BAFA (Submarine Communications Station)


2.  Turkish Air Forces :

 - 4 Sortie Fighters

 - 1 Aerial Refueling Aircraft

 - 1 Air Early Warning Aircraft 

3.  Turkish Coast Guard :

- 1 Search and Rescue Ship

- 1 Coast Guard Helicopter

4.  US NAVY:

- 1 Destroyer (USS DONALD COOK)

- 2 Maritime Patrol Aircraft


  EXERCISE DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 is being conducted in seven phases. The exercise is being led by the DISTAFF, established by the Turkish Southern Task Group, embarked onboard the Flag Ship TCG GEDIZ.

  EXERCISE DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 is being conducted in the whole Mediterranean in conjunction with the TRIDENT JUNCTURE-2015, which is being carried out by NATO this year. Turkish Naval Forces units (TCG YAVUZ, TCG SALİHREİS and TCG GEDİZ) which participated in those phases been conducted in the Central and Western Mediterranean, departed from AKSAZ Naval Base on the 18th of October 2015 and steamed to the Central Mediterranean under the command of the Commander of Turkish Destroyer Division Four. During the exercise, Turkish naval assets executed joint training with Standing NATO Maritime Task Group-2 and the United Kingdom Cougar Task Group units.

  TCG GEDİZ conducted a port visit to NAPLES/ITALY between 25-26 October 2015. The rest two of the Turkish Task Group (TCG YAVUZ, TCG SALİHREİS) has been joining in training with the Spanish Maritime Task Force in the Western Mediterranean as part of the EXERCISE TRIDENT JUNCTURE-2015 since the 27th of October 2015.               

Central Mediterrenian Exercise Area and Training Serials

  On completion of the NAPLES/ITALY port visit, the Turkish Task Group (TCG GEDİZ) and one Turkish submarine (TCG DOGANAY) conducted Anti-Submarine and Anti-Air Warfare exercises with the participation of the US Destroyer (USS DONALD COOK) and one MPA (from the US Command  6th Fleet), F-16 fighters, and Aerial Refueling Aircraft from the Turkish Air Forces at the east of the Sicily island. The exercise serials finalized on the 28th of October and all units steamed to the AKSAZ Naval Base.

Eastern Mediterranean Exercise Area and Training Serials

  The Eastern Mediterranean phase of the exercise will be composed of periods at sea and in port and commenced on the 30th of October 2015. Participating units assembled in AKSAZ Naval Base are going to take part in Syndicate Meetings, Press Conference, Pre-Sail Conference, Office Calls, and Social Activities.

  In the first part of sea phase, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine, Anti-Air Warfare and Search&Rescue Training will be conducted. In the second part, Convoy Operation under subsurface, air and surface threat will be executed.

  Antalya port visit will be the last phase of the exercise on the 6th of November 2015. The DOĞU AKDENİZ-2015 will be finalized upon completion of the Hot Wash-Up meeting as a venue for the participants to provide their evaluation and analysis regarding the exercise. In addition to the schedule mentioned, there will also be courtesy calls and social activities.

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