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  MULTI NATIONAL MARITIME SECURITY EXERCISE-2015 (EXER MARSEC-15), was conducted as a multinational exercise between 21-28 October 2015 and hosted by Turkey in conjunction with NATO TRIDENT JUNCTURE-2015 Exercise in Aksaz Naval Base/Marmaris.

  EXER MARSEC-15 was conducted with the the participation Turkish Naval Forces, Turkish Coast Guard, Romanian Naval Forces units, participants/representatives from Government Agencies, civilian and military government agencies/commands and from other Nations Agencies/organizations working on Maritime Security issues.


  EXER MARSEC-15 is designed to enhance maritime security focusing on strategic, operational and tactical aspects of Maritime Security Operations to improve awareness, cooperation and interoperability among maritime security stakeholders as well as developing leading guidelines on multinational and multiagency engagement for maritime security challenges


1.   The Participants of the Exercise were;

a. 1 Logistic Support Ship, 2 Sea Helicopter, 1 Marine Platoon, 2 Navy Special Operation Forces Team, 1 Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team, 1 Naval Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Team from Turkish Naval Forces Command,

b. 2 Search and Rescue Ship, 2 Coast Guard Boat and 1 Coast Guard Helicopter from Turkish Coast Guard Command,

c. 1 Corvette, 2 staff officers from Romanian Navy,

d. 1 Rear Admiral and 5 staff officers from Qatar Coast Guard Command and 1 staff officer from Qatar Navy

e. 2 staff officers from Bahrain Navy,

f. 1 Customs Control Boat from Ministry of Customs and Trade,

g. 1 Chemical, Biological, Raidological and Nuclear Defence Team from Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Authority (AFAD).

h. Participants/Representatives from Government Agencies at Prime Ministry and Ministry level, Civilian and Military Government Agencies/Commands and from other Nations Ageincies/Organizations working on Maritime Security issues.

2.   Command Post Exercise phase activities of EXER MARSEC-15 was held between 23-25 October 2015 at Multinational Maritime Security Centre of Excellence, Live Field Exercise (LIVEX) Phase Activities were conducted at Aksaz shore between 09.30-11.30 and at sea (in vicinity of Aksaz) between 12.00-18.00 on 26th of October 2015.

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