Turkish Naval Forces 

The Principles and Priorities

The exclusive geographical location of Turkey lying at the crossroads of three continents and forming an energy bridge between the source rich countries and the energy thirsty world markets requires the existence of strong and capable naval power.

Turkish Navy has adapted a sui generis planning method to maintain and generate a credible sea power. Considering the national, NATO and other international commitments, the interoperability has become a guiding principle on Turkish Navy’s interaction with other navies. Therefore, interoperability remains a key factor in the overall force defense planning cycle as well as procurement process.

The force planning aims to develop the force structure to perform tasks imposed by the existing and volatile threat perception. Maximum contribution from domestic industry and technology transfer are targeted in the procurement of main platforms and systems during defense planning cycle.

In order to perform a wide spectrum of imposed tasks and commitments in this geography, a naval force should be composed of versatile platforms equipped with state of the art of systems, weapons and sensors.

Turkish Navy has adopted a national naval policy which dictates that all new platform designs along with critical system like combat management and electronic warfare should be nationally developed. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces from the very beginning, established to proceed in a line of satisfying the needs.

As a result of this, the prototype platforms should be constructed in naval shipyards and prototype systems should be developed in naval research facilities.

After the verification and satisfactory performance trials of the prototype ships and systems, Turkish Navy aims to transfer her knowledge and experience to domestic defense and shipbuilding industry. Then the industry takes the lead for serial production of platforms and system. This principle is proved to be successful in the industrialization of GENESİS project.

Building combatant platforms as well as of combat systems require “high technology” and “well trained manpower”. The developing domestic shipbuilding and defense industry is now ready, experienced and eager to take a leading role in this venture. This would be a “win-win” process for Turkey. In this context, new jobs created helps to decrease the unemployment rate, and the resources are spent domestically and transform to new investments.

The Turkish Navy’s mission envisages to be able to operate for protecting her national interests in the area of interest covering surrounding and open seas. With this respect, the operational requirements dictates owing modern platforms having the capacity and capability of undertaking Above Water Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Air Defense Warfare, and C4ISR tasks. Her modernization programme aims to develop balanced force structure with resources to meet the current and future operational requirements effectively.

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