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Submarines Equipped with Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) System Project

Delivery schedule for New Type Submarine Project (NTSP) Contract which was signed on July 2nd 2009 has been effective started on June 22nd 2011.  In this context, infrastructure activities and preparations related with submarine construction has been completed at Gölcük Naval Shipyard and the construction of the first submarine has been actually begun.

The ceremony of first welding of “PİRİREİS” conducted on 8th October 2015 and the second one in 2016. Planned to be commissioned between 2020 and 2025, Reis Class submarines will the first AIP-equipped submarines operated by Turkish Navy.

Construction of the submarines equipped with AIP system which will have the most advanced technology at Gölcük Naval Shipyard will be an important phase of realizing the “National Submarine Project”.

In the scope of the project, 6 submarines are planned to be constructed. The submarines developed with the technology of Hydrogen Oil Cell will have the capability of enlarged submerged endurance for weeks.

Reis Class Submarines will have 1850 tons displacement and will be equipped with heavy torpedoes and Harpoon missiles

Taking into service of these submarines with silent navigation capability will substantially contribute The Turkish Navy’s battle effectiveness.

The ceremony of first welding of “PİRİREİS” conducted on  October 8th 2015 with the attendance of Admiral Bülent BOSTANOĞLU, the 25th Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces.


PREVEZE Class Submarines Mid-Life Modernization Project

A mid-life modernization program is planned for “PREVEZE” class submarines.

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