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TF-2000 Air Defence Warfare (ADW) Destroyer Project

As follow-on of MİLGEM concept, in addition to performing an effective regional air defense function, TF-2000 project will carry Turkish Naval Forces to the new generation Air Defence Warfare (ADW) frigate and destroyers.

The decision was taken in September 2013 by Defense Executive Committee for the realization of ADW Destroyer Destroyer Project in three phase; namely “design”, “prototype ship construction” and “serial production”.

Acquisition of this type of ship, first of all, is aimed to enhance our air defence warfare capabilities as well as other warfare capabilities with the contribution of national defense industry. Evolved command/control, communication (C3), sensor and weapon systems are expected to increase the depth of defense of our homeland starting from long distances and self-defence capability of our task groups at sea.

Great effort was put for indigenous production of the most important sensor, the Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar (ÇAFRAD) (X Band), for air defence warfare.  As a result of this effort the contract was signed between Undersecretariat of Defense Industry (SSM) and ASELSAN in September 2013.

The ÇAFRAD will have the capability to detect the surface and air tracks from a long distance and provide data to engage if required within the longest possible range of weapons which will create a layered air defense.

Within the context of the regional air defense architecture, weapons selection process is ongoing.

Nationally developed indigenous GENESIS Combat Management System (CMS) for MİLGEM project will be upgraded and used in TF-2000 project (namely GENESIS ADVENT).

As it is one of our priorities, capabilities which will be gained through TF-2000 project is going to be interoperable with our Allies’ systems.

Currently, preparations of “Design Phase” of the ADW destroyer is underway.

Multi-Purpose Phased Array Radar (ÇAFRAD) (X Band)  for air defense warfare will be the most important sensor of TF-2000 ADW  Destroyer.

Possible Contribution to NATO Air and Missile Defense System

In Lisbon, Heads of States and Governments agreed to;

 “Develop a missile defense capability to provide full coverage and protection for all NATO European populations, territory and forces, against the increasing threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles, as a core element of collective defense based on the principles of indivisibility of Allied security and NATO solidarity, equitable sharing of risks and burdens as well as reasonable challenge taking into account the level of threat, affordability and technical feasibility and in accordance with the latest common threat assessment agreed by the Alliance”.

NATO Interim BMD Capability was declared at Chicago Summit in 2012. As widely known, US-European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) is an ongoing project to contribute NATO BMD capability.

Now there is common understanding and commitment in NATO to develop integrated air and defense missile defense system based on existing NATO Integrated Air Defense System (NATINADS) as a baseline. And this understanding is linked to US-EPAA, NATO systems and voluntary contribution of Allied nations.

As an Ally, Turkish Navy has an intention to contribute to NATO Air and Missile Defense System with the capabilities of ships to be built within TF-2000 project. Ships’ 3D Volume Search Radar and data links systems will be the main assets in this regard.

Besides, TF-2000 frigates may also be suitable platforms of which directly contributes such as air defense support to BMD capable ships with their capabilities in Task Group.

“İ” Sınıfı Fırkateyn Projesi:

The “İ” Class Frigates are designed based on design of ADA Class Corvettes.

The “İ” Class Frigates will be equipped with a 16 cell Mk-41 VLS for a total of 64 ESSMs, 16 Harpoon Block I/II and ATMACA surface to surface/land attack missiles, and network enabled combat management system namely “GENESIS ADVENT”.

The “İ” Class Frigates will accommodate a 10-tone helicopter with platform, hangar and extensive service and handling equipment. The CODAG type Main Propulsion System to be used on the frigate consist of one gas tribune and two diesel engines.

Istanbul Naval Shipyard is responsible for design and the prototype ship construction. Construction of the first ship of the class, has been officially launched on July 3rd 2017 at Istanbul Naval Shipyard.

The “İ” Class Frigates’ overall length is 113.2 meters, maximum beam is 14.4 meters, displacement is 3000 tons, she can reach +29 kts and her range at economic speed is around 6000 nautical miles.

The “İ” Class Frigates is planned to be commissioned in 2021.  It is planned to construct additional three sister ships in a private shipyard between 2022-2024.



Modernization Projects of Frigates

The improvement programs for the current inventory of frigates are in hand to add new capabilities and an extended life to these reliable vessels. In this context;

All GABYA (Ex-PERRY) Class frigates furnished with GENESIS “Ship Integrated Combat Management System”.

After modernization, GABYA Class frigates have gained a modern command and control system which can satisfy future long term requirements.

4 BARBAROS and 4 GABYA Class frigates have gained ESSM (Evolved SeaSparrow Missile) launching capability as well as 3D radar integration.




The Project of Modernizing TACTICOS Combat Management Systems of BARBAROS Class frigates with a by-product of Nationally developed indigenous GENESIS Combat Management System namely “BARBAROS Combat Management System” is awarded to contractor (ASELSAN-HAVELSAN Joint Venture) on  June 20th 2017.

In scope of project, the hardware and software for new weapons and sensors that are planned to be mounted on BARBAROS class frigates will be developed.

Additionally, indigenous fire control system (TAKS) for 5/54 gun of BARBAROS class frigates will be designed, developed, tested/verified, produced and integrated to combat management system. Lessons learned from previous development studies of indigenous TAKS system for GABYA class frigates will be utilized. The first ship of the project will have delivered to Navy in November 2020.


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