Turkish Naval Forces 

History of Navy Headquarters Building

It was laid the foundation of the Turkish Navy Headquarters building by Admiral Sadık ALTINCAN, then-Commander in Chief of Turkish Naval Forces, on 6 August 1956.

The building was completed on 10 July 1961. It was under construction until the end of 1960. Upon an order by the then- Minister of National Defence General Fahri ÖZDİLEK, retired and deceased now, the building was settled by the staff of both Naval and Air Forces.

Some parts of the National Defence Ministry Building, including 54 rooms and huts, and some flats at Konur Street were occupied for a while by the Navy Headquarters before it was moved to its recent location. The staff of Air Forces also shared the new building until 1985.

After Marmara Earthquake, happened on 17 August 1999, the staff of Navy Headquarters moved to a new building temporarily which was owned by the Coast Guard Command until the Navy Headquarters building was reinforced against earthquake. The naval staff was then moved to new building of the Coast Guard Command in 2003.

The building of Navy Headquarters was completed in 2006. Now it was more compatible with the surroundings and good enough for the needs of the naval staff.

That building is situated at İnönü Boulevard surrounded by the Headquarters of the Turkish General Staff, area of National Defence Ministry, Military History and Strategic Studies Building of the Turkish General Staff, the Turkish Parliament Building and the Turkish Air Forces Headquarters.

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