Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group


For the purpose of enhancing peace and stability in the Black Sea area, by increasing regional co-operation, and improving good relationship, the idea of establishing a multinational naval on-call peace task force “The Black Sea Naval Co-Operation Task Group-BLACKSEAFOR” has been initiated by Turkey at the second Chiefs of the Black Sea Navies (CBSN) meeting which was held in Varna/Bulgaria in 1998.

Efforts to establish the BLACKSEAFOR was started in 1998 by an expert group including diplomats, naval officers and legal authorities of the Black Sea states under the chairmanship of a Turkish admiral.

BLACKSEAFOR establishment agreement including its annexes and terms of references (TORS) for the Black Sea Naval Commanders Committee (BSNC) and the planning group (PG) were prepared by the expert group. A total of ten meetings at the experts level were held. Of those meetings, four were held in Turkey, two in Romania, one in Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria and Russian Federation.

"The Letter of Intent (LOI)", which was signed on 28 June 2000 by the ambassadors of the Black Sea littoral states in Ankara was one of the major steps for the BLACKSEAFOR establishment as a document conveying political will, commitment and support of the black sea littoral states.

"The Blackseafor Establishment Agreement", the most important milestone of this initiative, was signed by ministers and their authorized representatives at the signing ceremony, which was held on 2 April 2001, in Istanbul.

The signing of this agreement was a testimony of the Black Sea states’ determination to bring the BLACKSEAFOR into life after the successful conclusion of the process of negotiations that was initiated in 1998.

By signing the BLACKSEAFOR agreement, the signatories confirmed that the purpose of this initiative is to contribute to strengthening of regional stability, friendship, good relationship and mutual understanding among the black sea littoral states.

In order to conduct the first activation, nations stepped up their national procedures concerning the ships participation and the endorsement of the agreement. Turkey completed national procedures on June 26, 2001 by the approval of the Turkish grand national assembly.

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