Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group

Operational Aspects

BLACKSEAFOR establishment agreement is the most important historical document, which directs the activities of the BLACKSEAFOR the agreement consists of general principles, tasks, force structure, political and military aspects, command & control, and administration of the force.

Tasks of the BLACKSEAFOR as follows;

The BLACKSEAFOR conducts exercises, in order to increase its efficiency and interoperability in the execution of the above mentioned tasks. The BLACKSEAFOR is composed of minimum 4-6 ships which are allocated from the parties, including the one command and control ship. Main types of the warships to be assigned to the force are;

The BLACKSEAFOR is composed of naval elements only, without direct participation from air or army services. It can be supported by elements from other services, as and if necessary.

Units allocated to the force remain at their permanent home base locations and they come together to form an appropriate force for exercise/training activities in accordance with jointly prepared programmes by the Planning Group (PG) meeting. For contingencies should there be a decision by the parties to that effect.

The BLACKSEAFOR is intended to be used in the Black Sea, but if required, could be deployed out of the Black Sea should the parties so choose through a decision by consensus.

The BLACKSEAFOR may also be available for possible employment in the United Nations (UN) or the Organization For Security And Cooperation In Europe (OSCE)-mandated operations. It could also participate in other types of international activities with the aims and tasks of the BLACKSEAFOR. The parties approve their participation within the BLACKSEAFOR in such activities in accordance with their national legislation.

The parties retain full command of their ships allocated to the BLACKSEAFOR therefore, ships may be withdrawn for national purposes at any time, provided that the other parties are informed.

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