Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group


BLACKSEAFOR idea was started due to a lack of cooperation and coordination, which was causing instability in the Black Sea area after the fall of the Soviet Union . In 2001, in order to revitalize regional co-operation activities, improve relationship between Black Sea countries and increase peace and stability in the region, a multinational naval on-call peace task force named as BLACKSEAFOR was established.

But 11th of September terrorist attacks have attributed a new meaning to security and global fight against terror has highlighted the importance of maritime security. Now the process of BLACKSEAFOR transformation is going on for the adaptation of force to better cope with asymmetric risks and other illegal activities at sea with hardships.

The main purposes of transformation of BLACKSEAFOR are;

Four high level representatives, four senior level experts group and three Black Sea Navies Commander Meetings have been conducted in the way toward transformation of BLACKSEAFOR since January 2004.

Based on the main results of the 7 July 2004 Moscow meeting of high level representatives, common ground was reached that the littoral states will uphold their responsibility for countering the threats, risks and challenges in the Black Sea by confirming that the BLACKSEAFOR is an instrument available to be used effectively for the achievement of this objective.

In this regard, high level representatives have tasked ad hoc subordinate group composed of senior level experts from MFA and or MOD including legal advisers to conduct a comprehensive analysis and to elaborate principles and modalities of the employment of BLACKSEAFOR for the purposes of preventing the threat of terrorism and illicit trafficking in weapons of mass destruction, their means of delivery and related materials.

Following the results of the planning group, high level representative meeting as well as senior level experts group meetings, BLACKSEAFOR has now ;

After the transformation is completed, the activation of the BLACKSEAFOR for suspect ship trailing and shadowing as well as exchange of information amongst the littorals will be much faster and efficient. Thus, we shall see a Black Sea producing deterrence and security for the region and the world.

Although BLACKSEAFOR is a regional organization for securing Black Sea with its available capacity, in fact, it also contributes to the security and stability for other regions and seas.

This initiative will also help nations to get together and establish friendly relationship and provide the region with peace and stability.

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