Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group


The Republic of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine hereinafter referred to as the Parties,Reaffirming their dedication to the purposes and principles provided by the United Nations Charter,

Believing that co-operation and dialogue between the Black Sea Littoral States must be further developed, Willing to contribute to regional security and stability and to strengthen good neighborly relations,

Desiring to provide a framework for co-operation among the Black Sea Littoral States,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I Establishment

The Parties establish the Black Sea Naval Cooperation Task Group (BLACKSEAFOR).

Article II Principles Article III Definitions

For the purposes of this Agreement certain terms, definitions and abbreviations are used. The list of these terms, definitions and abbreviations is set forth in Annex F to this Agreement.

Article IV Aims And Tasks Article V Composition Article VI Political And Military Consultations And Decision Making Article VII Deployment And Employment Article VIII Command And Control Article IX COMBLACKSEAFOR And Staff Article X Language And Documents Article XI Information Security Article XII Logistics Article XIII Legal Issues Article XIV Financial Issues Article XV Settlement Of Disputes Article XVI Ratification, Depositary, Entry Into Force And Provisional Application Article XVII Amendments Article XVIII Duration, Prologation And Withdawal Article XIX Participation Of The Third States In The Activities Article XX Annexes

The following annexes constitute an integral part of the present Agreement:

Article XXI Text

This Agreement, done in one original in Bulgarian, Georgian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and English languages, all texts being equally authentic, and signed in İstanbul on 2 April 2001, shall remain deposited in the archives of the Depositary. Duly certified copies of this Agreement shall be transmitted by the Depositary to all the Parties. In case of controversy the English text shall prevail.

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