Turkish Naval Forces 

Fundamental Values of The Turkish Naval Forces

  • Adhering to the principles and reforms of Ataturk,
  • Having a sense of responsibility for duties,
  • Being honest, diligent, fair, self-denying and ardent,
  • Absolute obedience to laws and superiors,
  • Considering personnel morale and motivation,
  • Open to change,
  • Having a team and coherence spirit,
  • Being perfectionist,
  • Being open,
  • Being investigative, curious and inquisitive,
  • Taking initiative
  • To institutionalize,
  • Respect to environment,
  • Giving importance to saving,
  • Having foresight,
  • Adoring sea and seamanship,
  • Being self-sacrificing,
  • Having the ability to decide promptly and correctly under stress,
  • Having high bravery,
  • Having high physical power and endurance,
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