Turkish Naval Forces

Lieutenant Yavuz KESKİN

  Working at Supply Support Command, Lieutenant KESKİN made a start on shooting sport while he was at Naval High School in 1997. In the same year he was rewarded the second grade  in the category of air gun during the competition held among military high schools, which was also the first success ever attained among cadets of Naval High School.

  Lieutenant KESKİN attained the first grade in all competitions held by Naval Forces in categories of air gun and firearm, maintaining his success in competitions organized by military academies in category of air gun since 1998. Lieutenant KESKİN successfully represented Naval Forces in Armed Forces competitions, furthering his success  when he got the third grade in International Military Sports Council (CISM) Championship held in Brazil.

  In addition to this success, Lieutenant Keskin got a large number of grades gained at various competitions of Turkish Shooting Federation. Champion of Turkey in 2014, Lieutenant Keskin joined National Shooting Team in 2015.   

  In May 2015, he successfully represented our country in World Cups held at Fort Benning, USA and Munich, Germany.

  KESKİN was rewarded 95 medals and 2 Turkish General Staff Achievement Awards.


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