Turkish Naval Forces

26th Commander of The Turkish Naval Forces




Admiral Adnan ÖZBAL was born in İstanbul in 1958. He graduated from Naval High School in 1976 and from Turkish Naval Academy in 1980.

After having served onboard destroyers as branch officer and division officer, he commanded various patrol boats and fast patrol boats.

Admiral ÖZBAL graduated from Naval War College in 1989 and from Turkish Armed Forces College in 1995. He was assigned as the Commodore of the Second Fast Patrol Boat Division from 2003 to 2005.

Subsequently, Admiral ÖZBAL has served in staff officer and key leadership positions in Turkish Naval Forces Command, Turkish General Staff and NATO HQs.

On August 2008, he was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (LH) and assigned as Chief of Staff in Turkish Northern Sea Area Command, and then he took the command of the Fast Patrol Boat Group till August 2011. On completion of his command, he served as the Head of Personnel Planning and Management Department of the Turkish Naval Forces Command till August 2012.

On promotion to the rank of Rear Admiral (UH) in 2012, Admiral ÖZBAL took the command of Naval Academy till 2013. He then commanded Naval Training and Education Command from 2014 to 2016, where he was promoted to Vice Admiral in 2015.

Admiral ÖZBAL was assigned as Chief of Staff of Turkish Naval Forces Command in 2016.  He was appointed as the 26th Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces as of August 2017.

Admiral ÖZBAL was promoted to the rank of Admiral as of 30th of August 2018. Admiral ÖZBAL speaks English. He is married to Mrs. Gaye ÖZBAL and they have one daughter.

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