Turkish Naval Forces 

Turkish Fleet Command


To maintain the readiness level of its naval and naval air forces units and provide effective use of the forces.


The first naval force that could be named as a fleet emerged from the victory of first Turkish Fleet Commander “Çaka Bey” who took control of the central Eagean Sea in 1090 and defeated the Byzantine Fleet.

In 1321 the territory of Ottoman Principality reached to the Sea of Marmara and the first Turkish Admiral Karamürsel Bey, established the sovereignty in the Sea of Marmara over Byzantine with his fleet constituted by the “Karamürsel Type Ships”

During the period of Bayezid I, the main naval base of the state relocated in Gelibolu instead of İzmit (1401). The term “Commander in Chief of the Navy” was used after Saruca Pasha was appointed as the Gelibolu Flag Officer. In the same period, the position of “Commander of the Fleet” and “Commander in Chief of the Navy” were taken by the same person, Saruca Pasha.

In the period of Süleyman the Magnificent (1520-1566), That Commander in Chief of the Navy Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha who commanded the Ottoman Fleet gained Preveze Naval Victory on 27th September 1538 and expanded Empire’s dominance over Mediterranean, remarkably noted in Turkish Naval History.

Due to the fact the Lausanne Treaty required the control of the Straits Region by a impartial authority; the Gulf of İzmit was determined most suitable location for a Naval Base. In 1923, the Marmara Naval Base and Kocaeli Fortified Area Command was founded in İzmit.

After declaration of the Turkish Republic, the fleet was named as “Republican Fleet”. Atatürk, embarked on Hamidiye Cruiser for his Black Sea Voyage from 11th to 21st September 1924. The Navy Ministry Law was passed on 30th December 1924. During this period, Turkish Fleet Command was affiliated to the Turkish General Staff in the fields of operation, training and strategy and to the Navy Ministry in the fields of administrative and financial.

The Navy Ministry was disbanded on 27th December 1927 and the Naval Undersecreteriat was founded and put under command of both Turkish General Staff and the Ministry of Defence. In this period Turkish Fleet Command was affiliated to the Turkish General Staff in terms of operation, training and to the Ministry of Defence in the fields of administrative and logistic.

In 1931, the battle ships were organized under a squadron structure and Turkish Fleet Command was disbanded and renamed as Surface Action Group. The Turkish Fleet Command was refounded on 30th September 1935 and the Headquaters of the command was moved from Battleship YAVUZ to Gölcük.

Founded on 15th August 1949, Turkish Naval Forces Command was reorganized, in 1961, as four principle subordinate commands; Fleet Command, Northern Area Sea Command, Southern Area Sea Command, Naval Education and Training Command.

Fleet Command Headquarters was first located at today’s Fleet Commander residence until 11th May 1964 when it was relocated to now-demolished quarters until 17th August 1999. With the demolition of the HQ building in the earthquake, HQ moved temporarily to a tent and later to Preveze War Gaming Center, to be finally located at present perimeters as of 17th July 2000.

46 Fleet Commanders have served at Fleet Command and Admiral Veysel KÖSELE is currently serving as the 47th Fleet Commander.

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