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History Of Naval Training And Education Command


The mission of the Naval Training and Education Command is to carry out the training and education activities in accordance with the requirements of Naval Forces Command, to train and educate personnel in order to capable to use the current and projected waeapons, systems and devices to adopt devoloping and changing technology, who are loyal to ATATÜRK’s principles and reforms , educated, skilfull and have high level of maritime consciousness.


Naval Training and Education Command was firstly founded in September, 1946 as “NAVAL SCHOOLS and COURSES COMMAND” in order to meet the personnel requirements of Naval Forces Command by providing contemporary individual education in accordance with its general principles in Heybeliada/Istanbul where the Naval High School still carries out its training and education activities. Rear Admiral (UH) İhsan ÖZEL was assigned as the first commander of “NAVAL SCHOOLS and COURSES COMMAND”. By the new organization, individual training institutions of Naval Forces took their place under “NAVAL SCHOOLS and COURSES COMMAND”, however submarine officer, rank and file courses were left out of this organization.

At the beginning there were only Headquarters, Staff Headquarters, Training, Personnel and Quartermaster (Supply) sections under the organization. In September, 1947 by opening operation section the staff of “NAVAL SCHOOLS and COURSES COMMAND” increased.

“NAVAL SCHOOLS and COURSES COMMAND” was moved to the headquarters building which was on the south of infirmary building of Naval High School with the name “Naval Training Command” in December 1948.

The Headquarters of Naval Education Command was organized as; Personnel, Training, Technical, Judging and Supply sections in 1950.

Subordinate Commands of Naval Education Command were; Naval Academy and College Command, Naval Reserve Officer School Command, Naval Petty Officer Training School Command, Recruits Training Regiment Command and Naval Courses Command.

At that time ZAFER and TINAZTEPE destroyers and also TOROS boat were permanently assigned under the command of Naval Training and Education Command’s School Flotilla Commodore. According to the joint training programs which were coordinated by the Fleet Command submarines and mine sweeper coastal are also sometimes given under the command of Naval Training Command. In this way, career pattern developments of the officers and petty officers have been provided.

Organization structure of the Naval Training Command was reorganized in 1951. By the new organization;

- Naval Reserve Officer School has been removed from the Naval Academy and College Command organization and moved to Yassıada facilities. Naval Reserve Officer School Command started to carry out its activities directly under the command of Naval Training Command.

- Quartermaster School was removed from the Naval Academy and College Command organization and moved to its private building next to Gazi Hasanpaşa barracks in Kasımpaşa. This command also started to carry out its activities under the command of Naval Training Command.

- The name of Naval Training Regiment in İskenderun changed as "Naval Reserve Recruits Training Center”. (The reason of this change was not only to train the recruits who are drafted into the army but also have reserve recruits in the barracks in order to meet the personnel requirements immediately in the Navy and in its institutions).

- School Ships Flotilla was abolished and the ships were directly joined under the command of Naval Training Command. ZAFER and TINAZTEPE destroyers, SAVARONA yacht which has been purchased from State Maritime Lines and transformed into school exercise ship, MECİDİYE cruiser which was serving as a personnel dormitory and BURAKREİS gunboat.

By transforming SAVARONA yacht into a school ship, the individual training responsibilities on the Fleet Command were completely taken and for the cadets open sea training have been provided. The presidential room and salon were preserved originally, so it was possible to allot the ship to the president and foreign statesmen if needed.

In 1952 the name of the command was changed as “Naval Training Command” and carried out its activities with the organization structure: Staff Headquarters, Training, Operations, Personnel and Supply sections.

In 1953, the organization structure of the Naval Education Command developed. The first important point in this change was the increase in the number of “service schools” and their detailed structure.

The name of “Naval Training Command” has been changed as “Naval Training Corps Command” in 1954.

In 1959, the Command’s name was again changed as “Naval Training Command”.

In the Academic year of 1963-1964 when "Machine Service School” moved to Derince, the headquarters of “Naval Training Command” has been located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Naval High School Preparatory Class’s building and carried out its activities.

The most important change in the organization structure of Naval Training Command has been done in 1966. Gölcük, Derince and Yassıada Training Centers started to carry out its activities under the command of Naval Training Command. The reason of this change was to open the courses in a place which is closer to the Fleet and to provide much more opportunities for the applied training. For this purpose, Gölcük Training Center Command’s commanding staff has been promoted to Rear Admiral (LH).

After having transferred most of the courses to Gölcük and Derince in 1966, it has become possible to use the old Maritime Engineer building as Naval High School building.

In 1976 TCG GEMLİK (I) (D-347) which was under the organization of War Fleet Command was sent to Derince Machine Service School Command in order to be used as training auxiliary material. TCG GEMLİK (I) (D-347) was laid up on 14 March 1981.

In July 1979 "Supply School" and "Reserve Officer School" took their place under the organization of “Karamürsel Training Center Command" together with "Deck Service School" which is located in Karamürsel. Following this, “Naval Training Command” also located in the same region and carried out its headquarters activities.

On 30 August, 1987 TCG CEZAYİRLİ GAZİ HASANPAŞA which was under the command of Fast Patrol Boat Fleet and on 20 July, 1989 TCG SOKULLU MEHMET PAŞA which was under the command of War Fleet Command started to serve under “Naval Training Command”

By constituting Training Flotilla on 8 April, 1996 TCG CEZAYİRLİ GAZİ HASANPAŞA (A-579), TCG SOKULLU MEHMETPAŞA (A-577), TCG AB-23, TCG AB-24, TCG LS-1, TCG LS-2, TCG LS-3, TCG LS-4  were taken under the organization of Training Flotilla and went into operation on 1 August, 1996.

Naval Training and Education Command which was located in Altınova/Yalova moved to Beylerbeyi/İSTANBUL on 1 September, 2003. The organization structure has been reorganized. Subordinate commands of Naval Training and Education Command are; Naval Academy and Training Flotilla (Tuzla/İstanbul), Karamürselbey Training Center Command (Altınova/Yalova), Derince Training Center Command (Derince/Kocaeli), Naval High School (Heybeliada/İstanbul).

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