Turkish Naval Forces 


2020-11-27 Gallipoli's 98th Independence Anniversary Activities
2020-11-26 Medical Evacuation by Turkish Navy
2020-11-25 CTF-151 Commanded By Turkey Continues To Respond To Piracy Attacks
2020-11-23 Amphibious Task Group Command conducts training on operational readiness
2020-11-22 Turkish Navy’s fearless ships ready for duty in any condition
2020-11-21 Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-2 units visit Çanakkale
2020-11-19 Heybeliada Cup Yachting Race held
2020-11-16 Amphibious Task Group Command’s Training on Operational Readiness
2020-11-15 Bangladesh Navy Frigate SANGRAM Visits Mersin
2020-11-14 The TURGUTREİS-5 Exercise Was Conducted
2020-11-13 TCG GEMLİK Passage Exercises (PASSEX) with HMS ALBION
2020-11-13 Turkish Navy training ship escorts within Operation Black Sea Harmony
2020-11-13 Live-Fire Training by Turkish Navy Ships
2020-11-09 Ensigns Graduated
2020-11-07 Naval Exercise BLUE WHALE-2020 Continues
2020-11-06 Training on Operational Readiness Continues
2020-11-04 Turkish Navy and Land Forces In Collaboration
2020-11-03 Naval Exercise BLUE WHALE-2020
2020-11-01 Turkish Navy Provides Training for Libyan Armed Forces
2020-11-01 Republic Day Celebrated Onboard Ships
2020-10-28 The Republic Day Celebrations of the Turkish Navy Ships
2020-10-26 NUSRET 2020 INVITEX Continues
2020-10-26 Training of Amphibious Task Group Command
2020-10-26 We Will Not Forget Our Beloved Martyrs
2020-10-26 Turkey conducts training exercise in Eastern Mediterranean
2020-10-24 Meltem III Project
2020-10-24 NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence holds Counter Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Maritime Security Operations (CP of WMD in MSO) Virtual Course
2020-10-22 Live-Fire Training Exercise
2020-10-21 Turkish Armed Forces continue to provide training support to Libyan Armed Forces within the context of our Agreement on Military Training
2020-10-19 Turkey’s Drill Ship KANUNİ sent to operate in the Black Sea
2020-10-19 Visit to Turkey by Commander of Lebanese Naval Forces
2020-10-18 NUSRET-2020 Mine Warfare INVITEX Commences
2020-10-18 Naval Academy Cadets Receive Training at Sea
2020-10-15 Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Visits Turkey
2020-10-14 Opening Ceremony of the National Defence University Naval Academy Academic Year 2020-2021
2020-10-13 Commander of the Lebanese Navy Pays Visit to Turkey
2020-10-11 Oath of the Office Ceremony at Naval Academy
2020-10-10 Military Collaboration Between Two Navies
2020-10-09 Amphibious Training Conducted
2020-10-08 Delivery of Maritime Patrol Aircraft Within Meltem III Project
2020-10-06 NATO Maritime Security Centre of Excellence (NATO MARSEC COE) Conducted a Virtual Course on “Cyber Intelligence in Maritime Security Operations”
2020-10-05 TCG GİRESUN Sets a New Record in the Mediterranean
2020-10-04 Amphibious Ships Continue Training on Operational Readiness
2020-10-03 PASSEX between Turkish Navy’s BARBAROS and US Navy’s ROOSEVELT
2020-09-19 NATO Maritime Security Conference-2020
2020-09-18 TCG GEDİZ Surface And Air Defense Fire Practice
2020-09-17 Protection and Companion Duty for Our Research and Drilling Vessels
2020-09-16 BNS BIJOY Concludes Its Maintenance
2020-08-28 Marine Training of Italian Destroyer ITS DURAND DE LA PENNE with TCG BÜYÜKADA Corvette
2020-08-28 TCG SANCAKTAR conducted maritime trainings
2020-08-26 TCG GEDİZ and TCG BARBAROS Frigates have conducted replenishment at sea with Italian Navy Oiler ITS ETNA
2020-08-26 Naval trainings were carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean with TCG BARBAROS and TCG BURGAZADA and US destroyer USS WINSTON S.CHURCHILL.
2020-08-25 Transition Training of TCG GÖKSU and TCG FATİH frigates and Italian destroyer ITS DURAND DE LA PENNE
2020-08-20 The frigates and corvettes of the Turkish Naval Forces are resolutely continuing their mission of escorting and protecting the ORUÇREİS ship.
2020-08-18 TCG KEMALREİS And TCG BANDIRMA Are On Duty In Eastern Mediterranean.
2020-08-18 TCG HEYBELİADA and ROS C.E.SEBASTIAN Corvette Conducted Marine Trainings in the Black Sea.
2020-08-16 TCG KEMALREIS,training in the Mediterranean with Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Coast Guard units
2020-08-16 TCG HEYBELİADA's Participation in ROMANIA Naval Forces Day Activities
2020-08-14 Live Fire Training Conducted by Turkish Navy Ships
2020-08-09 Maritime exercises conducted by TCG BÜYÜKADA and TCG MARTI with FGS BERLIN
2020-08-02 ESPS ALVARO DE BAZAN and TCG YILDIRIM Conducted Maritime Trainings with TCG DOĞAN and TCG MARTI
2020-07-29 TCG KEMALREİS Conducted Maritime Trainings with EISENHOWER Carrier Strike Group
2020-07-29 26 irregular migrants who were identified on a boat east of Lesbos Island were safely rescued by Coast Guard Command assets on 28 July.
2020-07-26 SEA BREEZE-2020 Exercise
2020-07-26 TCG BANDIRMA Has Conducted Maritime Trainings
2020-07-23 Port Visit to LA VALETTA/MALTA by Turkish Frigate GEMLİK
2020-07-20 NATO Sea Guardian Focused Operation
2020-07-20 BREEZE-2020 Exercise
2020-07-10 Naval Trainings of TCG YILDIRIM with Standing NATO Maritime Group-2
2020-07-09 Naval Trainings of TCG BURGAZADA with ITS ALPINO in the Mediterranean
2020-07-06 Turkish Mine Hunting Ship TCG AMASRA with NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-2 Has Conducted Navigational Trainings
2020-07-02 DYNAMIC MONGOOSE Anti Submarine Warfare Exercise
2020-06-30 TCG AMASRA operating in Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group-2 had participated in Mine Warfare Trainings within the scope of ARIADNE-20 Exercise hosted by Greece.
2020-06-29 Turkish Navy Frigate TCG ORUÇREİS Conducted Maritime Trainings with Italian Navy Frigate ITS ALPINO in East Mediterranean
2020-06-27 Operational readiness trainings were conducted between 22-26 June 2020 by the Turkish Maritime Task Group
2020-06-23 Maritime Security Centre of Excellence obtained the status of International Military Organization
2020-06-23 TCG SALİHREİS and Italian Ship ITS FASAN, Tunusian Navy Units TNS SYPHAX and TNS HAMILCAR Have Conducted Maritime Trainings
2020-06-21 To promote maritime interoperability, TCG KINALIADA, USS OAK HILL, USS PORTER, BGS RESHITELNI and ROS REGINA MARIA naval ships and US and Turkish Maritime Patrol Aircrafts have conducted maritime trainings in Black Sea on 19 June 2020.
2020-06-20 TCG SALİHREİS and Italian ship ITS FASAN, operating in Standing NATO Maritime Group-2, and Turkish Navy units TCG ORUÇREİS and TCG GURBET have conducted maritime trainings in Eastern Mediterranean
2020-06-19 TCG BARBAROS Conducted Maritime Exercises in East Mediterrenean With Italian Navy Frigate ITS ALPINO
2020-06-16 Turkish Frigate TCG FATİH, Which Holds UNIFIL Maritime Operation Mission, Conducted Tactical Maneuvers Trainings
2020-06-15 Maritime Trainings of Italian and Turkish Submarines in the Mediterranean
2020-06-14 Our Naval Forces Command has carried out Operational Readiness Exercises
2020-06-12 Naval and Air Forces Conducted Joint Exercises at the High Seas of the Mediterranean Sea
2020-06-10 TCG BÜYÜKADA With FGS BERLIN Has Conducted Maritime Exercises
2020-06-09 TCG YB.K.GÜNGÖR with Italian frigate ITS CARABINIERE Conducted Replenishment
2020-06-07 TCG SALİHREİS Conducted Maritime Trainings
2020-06-06 Refugees Rescued by the Turkish Navy
2020-05-31 Turkish Navy has conducted Principal Naval Warfare (May 27-28)
2020-05-21 Maritime Trainings with NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-2
2020-05-15 TCG SALİHREİS, conducted a sombre memorial ceremony on May 11th for the Canadian helicopter personnel who lost their lives during the mission flight
2020-05-09 Maritime Trainings with NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-2
2020-05-08 Replenishment At Sea With Italian Frigate ITS CARABINIERI Of Our TCG AKAR Logistics Support Ship
2020-05-02 Operational Readiness Trainings of our Naval Forces (28-30 April 2020)
2020-05-01 Operational Readiness Trainings in Aegean Sea
2017-05-16 TCG GÖKÇEADA Partakes in PHOENIX EXPRESS-2017
2017-05-05 Turkish Frigate Visits Tunisia
2017-05-05 Turkish Navy Aircraft Helps Save A Life
2017-05-02 Commander Southern Sea Area TURKEY in Spain
2017-04-29 Commander SNMG-2 Visits TCG TUZLA
2017-04-28 Turkish Navy Cadets March for 57th Regiment
2017-04-28 Chief of Staff of Turkish Naval Forces Attends Anzac Day Commemorations
2017-04-26 Cooperation in Maritime Domain Seminar
2017-04-20 PASSEX in Eastern Mediterranean Strengthens Interoperability
2017-04-20 Turkish Navy in cross-border operation
2017-04-18 Eurasia Partnership Maritime Interdiction Operations Conducted
2017-04-17 Operation Sea Guardian Focus Operation Underway
2017-04-13 Exercise DENİZ YILDIZI Concludes
2017-04-10 TCG ALANYA Participates in ARIADNE-17
2017-04-05 Operation Sea Guardian Boarding
2017-03-13 TCG NUSRET Honor Its Predecessor
2017-03-09 Turkish Naval Air Command Holds Tactical Exercise
2017-03-06 TCG BAFRA Conducts Training With M/V Green Explorer
2017-02-28 Turkish Navy Strives For Counterterrorism and Euphrates Shield Operations
2017-02-23 NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian Reinforced By Focus Operation
2017-02-20 TCG GELİBOLU’s Port Call in Oman
2017-02-15 TCG GELİBOLU Partakes in Exercise AMAN-17
2017-02-09 Turkish Navy Donates Military Uniform Supplies
2017-02-08 Turkish Navy Joins Çanakkale Earthquake Relief
2017-02-07 PASSEX With Pakistani Navy
2017-02-07 NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian Continues With Mediterranean Stakeholders
2017-02-06 EXERCISE CUTLASS EXPRESS 2017 Kicks Off
2017-02-01 PASSEX Conducted in Black Sea
2017-01-19 Naval Forces Conduct Tactical Exercises
2017-01-19 Ceremonial Beginning of Frigate "İSTANBUL"
2017-01-19 Pupils Visit Subordinate Commands at Gölcük
2017-01-18 TCG ERTUĞRUL Hosts Former Crew After 43 Years
2016-04-28 Turkish Navy Congratulates 23 April Children's Day in Turkey and all over the world.